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We are long-term investors committed to achieving significant capital growth for our clients.

We invest in undervalued companies

We take positions in undervalued, publicly listed companies that are poised to outperform the market. Our bottom-up stock selection approach allows us to identify leading businesses with misunderstood stories. We invest in sound economic models, lasting competitive advantages, and committed management teams.

We have a long-term horizon

We believe achieving superior performance takes time. Growth opportunities need to play out, while market inefficiencies need to be recognized and corrected. Patience to see our strategy through is essential in order to weather short-term volatility.  We capitalize on sustainable economic growth trends and shifts in industry structures, requiring holding periods of three to five years.

We have a broad range of clients

We manage funds for a varied client base: fund of funds, public and private pension plans, family offices and high net worth individuals are among the many that have placed confidence in our strategy.  Most of our clients have followed us through the years across institutions.  Our passion for performance and dedication to achieving our clients’ investment goals help us build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We have a proven track record

We follow a long tradition of value creation and market outperformance in emerging markets. Our proprietary research and relationships have allowed us to sustain outsized returns, leading to the recognition of our professionals by benchmark international institutions. Our managers have garnered performance and management awards across asset classes and multi-year horizons, assuring best-in-class fund management.

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